Beautifull Tirtagangga Karangasem BALI

in 1948, the late Raja of Karangasem, Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, built a water garden around a natural spring.
The spring rises up under a big banyan tree at the foot of a stony hill, on which the local community built their village temple.
The religious rite of the spring, the cool climate of the area and the scenic beauty, all inspired the Raja to build a country house nearby with a recreational garden for himself and his people.

 He called it Tirtagangga from ‘Tirta’, meaning blessed water, and ‘Gangga’ from ‘Ganges’, the holy river in India
 Tirtagangga is in the area karangasem bali exactly 6km east of the town Amlapura.
 The Raja karangasem had a hobby of building water gardens, both for recreation and sport.
He not only did the designs, he also worked with his labourers digging out the earth, often knee deep in mud.
Visitors to the Raja were in for a surprise when discovering the tiny figure among his workers.
The spring provides a large amount a water which at first is lead into a reservoir, from where it is split into two.
A third goes to provide drinking water for the town of Amlapura while the rest goes through an underground pipe and emerges into an upper swimming pool through the mouth of a raksasa (a demon) who watches the bathers from the corner of the pool.
The overflow then goes into a lower swimming pool, then small fish ponds, yet another swimming pool and finally into the adjoining rice fields.

 admission is very cheap RP 5000 person
  The following is Tirtagangga bali indonesia



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